Understanding Chemical Grades
Dec 28 2015
understanding chemical grades
Chemical Grades If you're looking to purchase iodine derivatives, it's important that you understand the chemical grade and any specifications of...
5 Ways Iodine Derivatives Keep Crops Healthy
Dec 21 2015
iodine derivatives and crops
You probably know humans need iodine for several reasons, but did you know that iodine derivatives are readily used in agriculture? Iodine...
Infographic: How You Consume Iodine
Nov 13 2015
how humans get enough iodine
Iodine Consumption Infographic Most people know that they get iodine through the table salt that they buy at the grocery store. What they may not...
4 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Iodine Derivatives
Oct 25 2015
iodine purchasing
4 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Iodine Derivatives Are you in the market for an iodine derivative? Read on to learn about four of the...
Ajay-SQM Attended CPhI Worldwide 2015
Oct 20 2015
CPhI Worldwide 2015
CPhl Worldwide 2015 Big news! Ajay-SQM attended CPhI Worldwide 2015. This year's conference was held in Madrid, and we were very excited to meet...
From Old School Photography to LCD: Iodine Through the Ages
Oct 17 2015
Iodine Uses in Other Industries Over the past century, as science rapidly progressed and technology developed, iodine’s usefulness has remained a...
7 Awesome Chemical Reaction Examples
Oct 12 2015
7 awesome chemical reactions
From a lit match to a rusting metal car – chemical reactions occur around us every day. Sometimes these reactions produce pretty awesome effects....
Infographic: Common Iodide Sources and Uses
Oct 7 2015
Iodide Uses Infographic Iodides are used in all sorts of applications: from pharmaceuticals to cloud seeding, iodides are prevalent in our daily...
Common Iodide Uses
Sep 25 2015
When working with iodine, you're probably working with several derivatives as well. Most commercial iodine derivatives can be broken up into four...
5 Ways Iodine Derivatives Are Used Everyday
Sep 18 2015
Iodine is one of the scarcest non-metallic elements found on Earth, but it is actually found in trace amounts in objects all around us. Iodine...

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